Lenovo Showcases New Legion Desktop Computers That Use Mobile Intel Processors

The computer market in China has recently been seen as very interesting. Where traditionally, desktop computers will use special motherboards and processing chips, in the country there are now desktop-class motherboards that use laptop processing chips called Mobile on Desktop (MoDT).

Recently, it was reported that Lenovo has introduced a new desktop computer model for the Chinese market that uses this MoDT component, the Lenovo Legion 7000K PC that uses the 13th and 14th generation Intel Core HX processing chips.

What's interesting about this desktop computer from the outside is that it looks just like a desktop class computer, but in terms of component upgrades, the user's options seem to be quite limited because the processing chip is soldered to the motherboard. It is expected that memory and storage are still upgradeable.

In terms of graphics card support, from the graphics shown in the ad, this computer will use a desktop class graphics card. So far, details about the types of graphics cards that will be offered on this desktop computer are not known yet.

In the meantime, it has also been confirmed for now, the Lenovo Legion 7000K desktop will only be offered in the Chinese market for now. Whether they will offer it to other countries is not yet known.

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