Prime Video Starts Showing Ads When Video Pauses

Prime Video since last year started to become popular when local movies and drama series started airing. Not only that, local Amazon Originals content such as Budak Flat and That Cover Girl. Most recently, Amazon will introduce an ad every time a video on Prime Video is paused.

These ads will encourage users to shop on Amazon's e-commerce site. Among the ads that will be displayed are interactive types, trivia from various other brands. If the user interacts with the displayed ad, the product will be directly added to the Amazon cart.

For now, these ads will only be limited in selected countries such as the United States and countries that support purchases on Amazon's e-commerce site. Not sure if the plan with ads will be offered in Malaysia in the future. In Malaysia only one plan with a payment of RM25 per month is offered and it shows ads promoting interesting Prime Video content only before the video is played.

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