Malaysia Ranks Second in terms of Artificial Intelligence Availability Index in Southeast Asia

Through the latest data shared, Malaysia is seen to rank 2nd in the Southeast Asian region in terms of the artificial intelligence availability index. Malaysia was seen to record a score of 68.71 on the index.

Taking first place is the United States with a score of 84.80. Singapore ranked second with an index of 81.97.

Overall, Malaysia ranks 23rd in this artificial intelligence availability index. Unlike countries that use English as the language of communication, Malaysia has its own challenges in the need to develop a multi-language model that supports dialect and communication in Malaysia.

For information, one of the actively developed local language models is MaLLaM which supports the Malaysian language, including the use of Rojak language as Malaysians communicate.

In addition to the language challenge, another challenge that most countries face is the integration of culture and so on in their respective vernacular models. With healthy developments such as the establishment of special faculties, and long-term investment in the arena of artificial intelligence, we look forward to Malaysia also excelling in this arena of artificial intelligence.

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