MSI Will Offer CAMM2 DDR5 Memory Support For Project 0 Motherboards

A few days ago, we reported that Lenovo has plans to use a new memory design called LPCAMM2 DDR5 in their laptops soon which is a memory that comes with a higher chip density, and is easier to upgrade.

Recently, MSI also announced that they will start using CAMM2 DDR5 memory on their latest Project 0 motherboards, which will not interfere with the height of the Z-axis on their motherboards to ensure that these motherboards fit in a variety of desktop computer frames.

Through the poster shown, MSI seems to be working with Kingston to introduce this CAMM2 DDR5 memory, which will use the same screw connection to install this memory on the motherboard.

The first Project 0 motherboard that will use this memory appears to be an Intel LGA 1700 motherboard that supports Intel Alder Lake and Raptor Lake processor chips, while based on the same poster, only one CAMM2 DDR5 memory slot should be used.

This is not surprising because Kingston is expected to offer this memory in various configurations such as 32GB, 48GB, 64GB and 96GB in a dual-channel configuration with a memory speed of up to 8000Mhz.

This kind of memory may be more useful on Micro or Mini-ITX sized motherboards. MSI and Kingston may be expected to showcase this combination at the Computex Taipei event soon.

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