NVIDIA Is Expected To Combine Blackwell Graphics Chips And BlackHawk CPUs By ARM For Their New SoCs

A few days ago we reported that there is a strong possibility that NVIDIA will return to the SoC (System on a Chip) technology development industry which is expected to revive the NVIDIA Tegra brand for the mobile and virtual device sector.

At the time, not many details were known about it, but VideoCardz has reported that a GPU industry veteran said that NVIDIA's upcoming SoC is expected to arrive with quite powerful specifications.

The details shown include the use of ARM's latest processing chip, the "Cortex X5 BlackHawk", the NVIDIA Blackwell graphics chip specially designed for this chip design and the use of LPDDR6 memory.

So far it is not known what manufacturing process will be used, but NVIDIA is expected to use TSMC N3P or Intel 3nm service later. In the meantime, Microsoft is also expected to introduce all their artificial intelligence features on this NVIDIA SoC.

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