Sony Xperia 1 VI Cracked No Longer Using an Oval Screen

Sony is the only company to offer a smartphone with a 21:9 elongated screen. With an elongated screen, cinematic content can be watched without black bars at the top and bottom like on phones with other screens. In conjunction with the launch of the Xperia I VI on May 15, Sony published a teaser video that hints that the elongated screen that has been used for the past five years will no longer be used.

The video shows the design of the front panel of the Xperia 1 VI which is clearly no longer with a 21:9 ratio. Instead it is closer to the 19.5:9 ratio used by the majority of other smartphones on the market. We admit that the Xperia 1 series does have a unique design but the fact is that it is difficult to use with one hand because it is too oval.

The display of content in the application also looks awkward due to the longer screen. We rarely meet people who say a 21:9 screen is a user-friendly ratio. If changes are made by Sony we welcome their decision.

In addition to Sony, Samsung is also rumored to use a screen that is no longer oval on the Galaxy Z Fold6 that will be launched next July. The Honor Magic V2, Vivo X Fold3 and Oppo Find N3 prove that an external screen more similar to a conventional smartphone screen is better for a foldable screen device.

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