Spotify HiFi Details Leaked Again

Three years ago, Spotify announced Spotify HiFi as a plan to offer lossless audio streaming. It is to compete with Apple Music, Tidal and others. But till today, it is still not launched. Last month, the plan was said to be called Music Pro and recently the interface for Spotify's lossless audio streaming feature was leaked.

The Spotify app for computers is seen to come with a device specification compatibility check feature to see if it supports high-quality audio playback. It also supports Spotify Connect, Bluetooth connection is not recommended and Spotify will also check the quality of the user's Internet connection. This Spotify HiFi plan is seen to offer several quality options. Among them is 1,411kbps which is already higher than now which is 320kbps. This mode can also increase up to 2117kbps which uses up to 15.9MB of data per minute and for selected songs it also supports 24-bit streaming via FLAC format.

For applications on mobile devices, when this plan is offered users will see a small window announcing the presence of this feature. Spotify is seen promising 24-bit audio streaming support using Spotify Connect. Songs that support this mode will have the same Lossless label as Apple Music. Spotify HiFi or Supremium or Music Pro is still unknown when it will be launched.

Rumor has it that the subscription price is more expensive than Apple Music which already supports lossless audio without any additional subscription. Would you subscribe to Spotify if the plan cost twice as much as it does now?

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