What does Do Not Disturb mean for smartphone features? This is the function and how to set it

  The Do Not Disturb feature or commonly called DND is available on almost all smartphones today, on Android or iPhone.

Do Not Disturb means "do not disturb". Generally, this feature is used to silence notifications so that your rest time will be calmer and not disturbed by notifications.

To find out more about the 'Do Not Disturb' feature, here is an explanation and how to set it up.

Understanding the Do Not Disturb feature and its function

Launching from mitel.com, the Do Not Disturb feature or in Indonesian meaning 'do not disturb' allows you to manage incoming notifications from applications including calls, text messages and notifications for all applications. You can even schedule the Do Not Disturb feature at certain times.

By using the Do Not Disturb feature, notifications will be muted and you can activate them without having to adjust the smartphone volume. However, the notification is still there and can be seen in the notification panel or in the application.


This feature is very useful for diverting attention from your smartphone and helping you be calmer. For example, when you are watching a film at the cinema, working, or taking a break.

How to Set the Do Not Disturb Feature

Although this feature can be found on all types of smartphones, whether Android or iPhone, there may be slight differences in how to set it up. The following is a complete explanation.

How to Set the Do Not Disturb Feature on Android

For Android smartphone users, follow the steps to activate the Do Not Disturb feature below:

1. Open the Settings application on your cellphone.

2. Find and open the "Do Not Disturb" option usually located within the Sound or Notification menu.

3. If you have activated Do Not Disturb mode, set scheduling if necessary, and add exceptions if necessary.

4. Make sure to save your settings before exiting the Settings menu.

5. Done

How to Set the Do Not Disturb Feature on iPhone

This is how to set the Do Not Disturb feature specifically for iPhone users, as reported on the website support.apple.com

1. Open Settings on your phone and navigate to the "Focus" section.

2. Select the "Do Not Disturb" option which has a crescent moon icon.

3. Adjust feature settings, including time, location, and apps to be managed by Do Not Disturb.

4. After adjusting the settings, make sure to save the changes so that Do Not Disturb runs on your phone.

5. Done.

That's the discussion regarding the Do Not Disturb feature, which means "don't disturb" on smartphones. Hopefully this helps make your day calmer, detikers!

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