WhatsApp Tests The Ability To Share Voice Messages Up To 1 Minute On Status

WhatsApp started testing a new feature that allows users to share voice messages of up to one minute on status. At the same time, it can make it easier for users to share voice messages in one recording without the constraints of the 30-second limit as before. In addition to also improving the communication process to a better level in ensuring that the message can be shared more clearly.

This feature is accessible to some select users through a new update of the app. It can then be offered more widely to other users in stages. It can also be accessed by simply pressing the microphone button provided to start a voice recording that will be published as a maxini on the status. Users can also customize the background color of the update by changing it through the dedicated icon provided at the top.

The voice message will be automatically deleted after 24 hours or the user can delete it manually at any time. This introduction clearly shows that WhatsApp is committed to ensuring that the status feature on the application is given a good upgrade over time.

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