BookCafe Leads the Book E-commerce Arena Through the Use of Robotics for Delivery Management

BookCafe, one of the companies that focuses on e-commerce sales of books and novels, now announces a collaboration with AFM Fulfillment, in the use of robotics to manage the delivery of various purchases that occur under BookCafe. Through the collaboration announced with AFM, BookCafe will use warehouse services and also robotics-based delivery management.

This step allows BookCafe to further optimize costs, in addition to faster and more accurate delivery management to buyers. Sharing in this regard, BookCafe said that within a few months of using this robotics-based service, thousands of packages have been processed and there has only been one error in delivery management, which was not entirely due to the use of robots.

BookCafe also aims to bring operational cost savings of up to 30% through the use of robotics, allowing them to plan to close up to 2 warehouses in the near future.

On AFM's side, they have a 50,000 square foot operational warehouse that has been mapped for robotics-based management, and today is able to manage orders of up to 100,000 packages in a day.

The use of robotics in the management of e-commerce activities around the world is increasing day by day, in ensuring that operations are more efficient, and that deliveries can be made quickly to buyers. With this latest step, we may see its use more widely, in addition to allowing entrepreneurs and traders to focus on sales and marketing activities, while the delivery process is managed by parties such as AFM through the use of robotic technology.

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