IDA The Volkswagen In-Car Virtual Assistant Now Receives ChatGPT Integration

It seems that the shortcut to making any virtual assistant successful is the integration of generative artificial intelligence chatbots. This is what Apple does with Siri and Apple Intelligence, if Siri can't answer something it will use ChatGPT. Most recently, Volkswagen did the same thing.

In Volkswagen cars, IDA is a built-in virtual assistant that drivers can use to control turn-by-turn commands, change the air conditioning temperature and more. The new update allows drivers to ask any question to IDA and if it cannot answer, the answer received is from ChatGPT.

To protect the privacy of each driver, each question given and the answer received will be immediately deleted. Then this feature is also optional because the driver is free to turn it off at any time. The new IDA only supports English (US), English (UK), Spanish, Czech and German. This access is also limited to Gold, Tiguan and Passat electric cars. Volkswagen also does not charge any additional charges or subscriptions to use ChatGPT with IDA.

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