Intel Lunar Lake Begins Production at TSMC Factory – First Laptop Expected to Arrive Third Quarter 2024

A few weeks ago we reported that Intel's latest laptop processor chip codenamed Lunar Lake will be manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company or better known as TSMC using their N3B (3nm) process.

This is quite important because Intel is one of the few companies developing semiconductor chips with their own chip fabrication factories. Most of the other companies such as AMD, Apple, NVIDIA and Qualcomm that come with their own processing chip technology all use the services of TSMC to manufacture their processing chips.

Recently, it has been reported that Intel Lunar Lake processing chips have already started to be produced on a high scale at the TSMC factory, and laptops powered by this processing chip are expected to hit the market around the beginning and middle of the third quarter of 2024.

There are many big changes shown on this Lunar Lake chip, such as a combination of AI TOPS performance as high as 120 TOPS and LPDDR5X memory built into the chip directly and also support for built-in Ray-Tracing graphics technology.

Intel has also confirmed that Lunar Lake is the only series of chips that will be manufactured by TSMC, where their next series of laptop processing chips, Panther Lake will be developed using their own Intel 18A process next year.

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