iPadOS 18 Announced – Here are the 10 Most Interesting Features

The iPadOS 18 operating system was announced earlier this morning and it brings the same generative artificial intelligence features that were given to iOS 18. But Apple Intelligence is not the only improvement provided by Apple. Here are 10 new features we find interesting in iPadOS 18.

1.Apple Intelligence

Samsung has Galaxy AI and Google offers Gemin. On Apple devices this year Apple Intelligence is a comparable feature with the ability to run artificial intelligence (AI) directly from the device. With Apple Intelligence various generative AI capabilities finally arrive on Apple devices. We will explain this in more detail below. But it should be noted that Apple Intelligence is only supported on devices with Apple A17 Pro and Apple M chips only at this point.

2.Notes – Note Summary With Apple Intelligence

You've probably written hundreds of notes in the Notes app. After a while you forget what's in the note but you don't have time to read it again. With AI, Notes can read the content of the notes in the application and then produce a summary to make it easier for you to review. Very similar to the features offered by Notes Assist by Galaxy AI and Google NotebookLM.

3.Notes – Transcript Produced Through Audio

Notes can also now automatically generate transcripts from recorded audio. The transcripts can then be analyzed by Apple Intelligence to produce a summary of important content. Another feature similar to Audio Transcribe is supported on Android.

4. Notes – Smart Script

Still in Notes but this is the most interesting feature in our opinion which is Smart Script. Notes learns handwriting produced using the Apple Pencil. It can then change the writing so that it looks more consistent and as if printed. The killer feature is that if a spelling mistake is made on a handwritten note, it can be edited by simply tapping the wrong word and then Smart Script replaces it with your own handwriting! Forgot a verse in the note? No need to worry because it can be entered into a handwritten note as easily as typing.

5. Customize the Interface

As with iOS 18, iPadOS 18 finally allows users to personalize the interface for the first time. Application icon position, application icon size and color can also be changed with certain themes. After 18 iterations of the operating system, the iPad now finally provides capabilities that have so far only been possible on Android tablets.

6.Photos Smarter With AI

The Photos application now intelligently understands the search with the given context. You can bypass looking for pictures of children on their birthday or with a shirt of a certain color. The ability to generate short videos based on certain promos can also be done automatically without user intervention. For those who don't have time to edit memories while on vacation, this new Photos capability will save time. Unwanted images in the picture can be deleted using Clean Up.

7. Image Playground / Genmoji / Image Wand

What's the point of having AI on a device if the generative image generation feature isn't offered. On iPadOS 18 three features can be used namely Image Playground, Genmoji and Image Wand. Image Playground generates images based on some proms entered by the user himself. Maybe you want to create a new avatar based on Memoji or create a scene in pandai. This is all made possible by Image Playground. Next is Genmoji which is like Emoji Kitchen on Android. New emojis can be generated if they don't already exist on the operating system. Last but not least is the Image Wand which turns the sketch in Notes into this generated drawing. This puts it on par with Cocreate on Copilot+ PC.

8.Control iPad With Eyes

An accessibility feature to control the iPad with eye tracking was announced by Apple a few weeks ago. It will be activated through iPadOS 18 later. The technology learned through Vision Pro is brought to the iPad with tracking done with the help of a selfie camera only.

9. New Control Center

Control Center now has additional tabs for media control, internet connected device control, WiFi/Cellular connection and owner favorites categories. With this, what the user wants can be accessed faster because the Control Center at the time has too many icons which can be quite confusing.

10. Calculator

Finally the iPad has a calculator app that is not only much needed but comes with the long-requested smart feature. First of all there is a scientific calculator feature on the landscape position. Next from within Notes, answers to questions sketched using Apple Pencil can be answered automatically using the built-in calculator.

ipadOS 18 will be rolling out to all iPads below starting next fall.

iPad Pro (M4)

iPad Pro 12.9″ (Gen 3)

iPad Pro 12.9″ (Gen 4)

iPad Pro 12.9″ (5th Gen

iPad Pro 12.9″ (6th Gen)

iPad Pro 11″ (Gen 1)

iPad Pro 11″ (Gen 2)

iPad Pro 11″ (Gen 3)

iPad Pro 11″ (Gen 4)

iPad Air (M2)

iPad Air (3rd Gen)

iPad Air (4th Gen)

iPad Air (5th Gen)

iPad (7th Gen)

iPad (8th Gen)

iPad (9th Gen)

iPad (10th Gen)

iPad mini (5th Gen)

iPad mini (6th Gen)

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