YouTube Premium Subscribers Can Now Watch Shorts With Picture-in-Picture Mode

With a YouTube Premium subscription, you can not only watch ad-free videos but also enjoy many exciting exclusive features and functions. Among the newly introduced YouTube Shorts videos can now be downloaded for offline viewing. Recently, YouTube introduced the feature of watching Shorts in picture-in-picture mode as well.

Picture-in-picture or PiP (Picture-in-Picture) mode has long been offered to YouTube Premium subscribers for regular videos. YouTube wants users to be able to watch Shorts while doing other work on the device so they don't default to just one app. This feature is unfortunately limited to YouTube Premium subscribers using Android devices only.

Other features such as Jump Ahead and Conversational AI are also offered but are specific to users in the United States only. Another feature that Malaysian users can test is the new interface. I realize this feature of watching Shorts with picture-in-picture mode has been available for a few weeks, as of this writing you should already be able to use it.

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