YouTube Tests Green Screen Feature With Generative AI Image Generator

YouTube continues to develop their generative artificial intelligence capabilities to make it even easier for users and content creators. Previously they were present with DreamTrack which can generate music in the style of 9 leading artists such as Charlie Puth, Charli XCX, Demi Lovato and many others. Most recently they came with Dream Screen.

An example of a part that can enter prom to generate images, this is the current version without AI

Dream Screen is a special feature for YouTube Shorts that gives users access to a digital green screen to replace the user's background to a different atmosphere according to their creative ideas. If previously a digital green screen was just an ordinary green screen, Dream Screen allows users and content creators to generate background images using generative artificial intelligence technology.

According to YouTube, this feature allows users to generate background images such as in a magical flora forest with a rainbow or in a luxury hotel swimming pool. According to YouTube, this feature is still in development and only selected content creators can use it. Alternatively, you can open the Google Gemini site to generate background images and use them on YouTube Shorts.

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