ChatGPT App For MacOS Found to Store Conversations Without Any Encryption

OpenAI has recently introduced a ChatGPT application for MacOS, allowing Apple computer users to easily access ChatGPT support directly on the desktop at any time. However, according to the developer's review, it was found that OpenAI stores various conversation and query data in plain text, without any encryption.

This at the same time makes anyone who has access to the computer concerned, able to see the data of this conversation. The ChatGPT application for MacOS is also seen not to use the usual standards of the Apple operating system.

Anyway, after this matter was highlighted and discussed, OpenAI has released the latest update of the ChatGPT application for MacOS which solves this problem. For those of you who use the ChatGPT application for MacOS, you may be able to download the latest update that encrypts data.

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