TSMC Factory Semiconductor Chip Production Outside Taiwan Only 10 Percent Of Total Production

As you already know, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, a semiconductor technology company that manufactures processing chips for Apple, AMD, NVIDIA and so on, is developing several factories in the United States, Japan and Europe to increase their production of processing chips.

Recently, it has been reported by local Taiwanese news that the production of semiconductor chips from overseas factories will only account for about 10 percent of the company's total production.

This may not be surprising because TSMC will only use their latest semiconductor chip manufacturing technologies in their country, such as the upcoming 3nm and 1nm processes.

It is expected that these overseas factories will manufacture semiconductor chips that use the 5nm and 7nm construction processes that are already mature. In the meantime, the cost of developing a semiconductor chip production plant is also very expensive, especially when it is built in first world countries such as the United States and the European region.

Labor is also a problem for companies like TSMC because labor to operate a chip manufacturing plant like this is not easy to find. TSMC still needs to find local workers in these countries without bringing in too many workers from abroad, and this is among some of the challenges they face.

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