You Can Ask YouTube To Remove AI Content That Uses Faces And Voices Without Permission

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) now allows videos to be produced using the faces of people who have died. There have been several cases of generative AI being used to defame individuals. It will increase as this feature is easily accessible. Recognizing this issue, YouTube has updated its site policy to make it easier for individuals to report videos that use their faces and voices without permission.

The report should be made by the victim of the fake video himself. Exemption from reports from third parties is only given to minor victims and people who have died. Video owners are given 48 hours to take action before the video is deleted. Another exception is allowed if the video is for the purpose of parody, satire or in the public interest.

YouTube has already asked site users to label content produced using AI. Failure to label may result in video deletion and repeated account bans. At the same time YouTube allowed background songs using the voices of several artists to be generated for use in the Shorts.

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