American Teens Offered Free AirPods If They Wanted Vaccinations


The U.S. government continues to issue incentives to launch the COVID-19 vaccination program in its country. Like the Mayor of Washington D.C. Muriel Bowser who offers free Apple AirPods for teens who want to be vaccinated.
In a post on his official Twitter account, Bowser said teens ages 12-17 can get a free AirPod after getting their first vaccination. But the offer only applies to three vaccination centers in Washington, D.C., as quoted from Gizmodo, Monday (9/8/2021).

It is not known what version of the AirPod was distributed as an incentive. But if you look at the price of AirPods 2 sold at a starting price of USD 159, of course the value of this incentive is quite good.

In addition to the free AirPod, teens who have already gotten their first vaccine can enter a lottery to win an iPad and headphones (for eight winners per week), as well as a USD 25,000 scholarship (for two winners per week).



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Parents or guardians who bring teens to the vaccination site will also get an incentive in the form of a VISA voucher worth USD 51. School children aged 16-21 can also get an AirPod or voucher, if still available.

The initiative was announced to drive vaccination programs at a young age amid a surge in COVID-19 cases due to delta variants. Especially now that millions of schoolchildren and students in the U.S. are preparing to return to school and university.

Since May 2021, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has authorized the administration of the Pfizer vaccine to children 12 years of age and older. As of last weekend, 30% of American children ages 12-17 had received the vaccine.

This is not the only incentive program issued by local governments in the US. In June, the state of West Virginia announced a lottery program with prizes for rifles, trucks, hunting licenses, and $ 1 million for vaccinated citizens.

Meanwhile, the Hawaiian state government gives away flight points, return tickets using Southwest Airlines, free pizza for one year, and more.
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