Mnet Apologizes and Take Down Azan Video Remixed, Netizens: Alhamdulillah


After being 'grouded' by netizens all over the world, Mnet finally apologized and took down the video containing the call to prayer remixed in the intro to the Street Woman Fighter event. Netizens also responded with Alhamdulillah.

Even so, netizens hope that the South Korean television station will not repeat the mistake in the future. Because netizens think that so far Mnet has always easily apologized but has often repeated mistakes.

Mnet's apology regarding the remixed call to prayer was delivered via the @ment_dance Instagram account. The contents are as follows:

"Dear audience

On behalf of the Mnet Street Woman Fighter production team, we offer our sincere apologies regarding the soundtrack used in the opening of the first episode of Street Woman Fighter.

The song is an electronic soundtrack that is officially registered on the official streaming site. The production team thought that the electronic sound of the song was suitable as the program's background music. We certainly have no other intentions.

We sincerely apologize for any unwanted inconvenience caused by the use of certain rhymes. Appreciate your critique, the video will be re-uploaded after changing the background music.

Mnet will continue to listen to the opinions of viewers around the world.

We appreciate your interest in Mnet Street Woman Fighter."

Here we summarize a number of netizen responses regarding Mnet's apology:

Alhamdulillah they have apologized and took down their video. Thats why we can't stay silent #Mnetapologize

— H J (@haejune1_1) September 8, 2021

It's not easy to believe in @MnetKR I hope it's not bullshit #Mnetapologize #MNETDisrespectAdzan

— You N Na (@YouN_nanana) September 8, 2021

Thank God, Mnet has apologized, don't do it again, ok?

— (@julyboy0701_) September 8, 2021

Well, Mnet has apologized, our finger exercises are paying off, Alhamdulillah. Now, it's our job to do self-introspection. Don't sleep anymore. Please realize that we and them are not compatible. We want heaven right?

— xk 'nad ️ (@gudgelforgudboi) September 8, 2021

they must apologize to all muslims #Mnetapologize

— byazahar (@bahiyah80782329) September 8, 2021

Oh, it's really stale, isn't it!! do it again!! sorry again!! did you do it on purpose?!!#Mnetapologize

— Amel1515 (@Amel15151) September 8, 2021

Wow, @MnetKR, I'm sorry, it's really short, it doesn't look sincere, I'm sorry. Sorry, it's short, tomorrow the error will be repeated, it's NEVER REALLY REALLY #Mnetapologize

— Cantika (@mojun_blue03) September 8, 2021

It was previously reported that netizens around the world were furious by Mnet, because the sound of the call to prayer was remixed in their show. As a result #Mnetapologize echoes on social media.

The remixed call to prayer became part of the intro to the event titled Street Woman Fighter. This is a survival show featuring 8 female dance crews who compete against each other to be number one.

Although the duration is only a few seconds, netizens immediately know that the sound used is the call to prayer. To strengthen this, there are netizens who make comparison videos with the original call to prayer.

Netizens also considered Mnet to be disrespectful and insensitive to Islam and the Muslim community around the world by abusing the call to prayer. Therefore, the netizen asked the South Korean TV station to apologize.

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