Xiaomi Showcases the Concept of Sophisticated Smart Glasses


Xiaomi is entering a new area in the wearable sector by showing off the concept of sophisticated smart glasses. The concept of this gadget was showcased shortly after Facebook launched its smart glasses made with Ray-Ban.

Similar to Facebook's smart glasses, Xiaomi Smart Glasses look like normal glasses. These glasses weigh 51 grams and have a screen that can display notifications, guide navigation, take photos, and a number of other smart features.

The Xiaomi smart glasses are powered by a quad-core ARM processor and run on the Android operating system. The screen uses MicroLED technology which is known to have a higher brightness level and is more durable than OLED.

In its official statement, Xiaomi said the display chip used by these glasses measures 2.4 mm x 2.02 mm, more or less the same as a grain of rice. This screen has individual pixels measuring 4μm so that it can fit in the eyeglass frame.

But these glasses are not capable of displaying a color screen. Xiaomi says it opted for a monochrome solution so light can pass through the complex optical structure.

Xiaomi Smart GlassesXiaomi Smart Glasses Photo: doc. Xiaomi

These smart glasses are not just a second screen for mobile phones thanks to the help of the XiaoAI smart assistant. Xiaomi claims these glasses can do many things independently, such as selecting the most important notifications to display, displaying maps and directions on the screen, and showing contacts who contacted the user's phone.

Users can also make phone calls thanks to the microphone and speakers that are integrated with the glasses. This microphone is also designed to capture conversations and translate them in real time, as quoted from Engadget, Wednesday (15/9/2021).

This translator feature can also be used to translate text and text in images via a 5 MP camera. There will be an indicator light that lights up when the camera is in use.

Unfortunately all this advanced technology is still in concept form and Xiaomi has not announced when this product will be launched, its availability and at what price.

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