3 Simple Tips to Make Social Media Non-Toxic

 Social media can sometimes be toxic and put mental health at stake. But there's actually something we can do to take care of ourselves and make our time on social media more enjoyable. One option is to delete our social media accounts altogether.

The figures show nearly half of Facebook users in the UK and US are considering leaving the platform by 2020.

But today without social media seems difficult, it means we are moving away from the platforms that connect almost half of the world's population. Moreover, the pandemic has made us more limited for face-to-face interaction.

The following are tips given by professional psychologists:

1.Be careful what you consume on social media

If you're logged in to connect with others, focus on the news and personal photos being shared rather than the latest headlines. Sometimes, there are several accounts that discuss things more heavily in the current situation. Avoid, choose a light one.

2. Look for content that makes you happy

To balance the news feed that you get while traveling on social media platforms, you can follow or view accounts that feature pictures of cute kittens, beautiful scenery, food videos that make you drool or others. You can also follow social media accounts that are dedicated just to share happy and positive news.

3. Use social media to promote positivity and kindness

Sharing posts or good things that happen in your own life can improve your mood, and your positive mood can spread to others. You may also be able to compliment others on social media. While this may sound awkward, the person may appreciate the compliment more than you think.

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