4 Tips for Using TikTok for Sales Promos


TikTok can now be used as a way to maximize sales. Not only for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), small and medium brands can also use the TikTok feature to sell fun content.

1. Go back to basic

The most important thing is to first determine the objective desired by the brand, whether awareness, branding, engagement or others.

"This hashtag can be branded so that it can lead to user participation. It becomes a player or brand that ultimately creates a trend in the market," he said.

There are also advertisements that can be budgeted according to small, medium or high scale brands. This can be used especially before the double date (11.11, 10.10, 9.9, and so on).

2. Hashtags

"There are millions of #beauty tips. The hashtags from #foodandbeverages are also millions. This can be used for food tips in a short time," suggested Sitaresti.

Brands can use organic hashtags (existing and made public) such as the hashtag #shopping. TikTok found that the hashtag #shopping was usually used for short monthly shopping vlogs. Well, brands can take advantage of creative content and can stay relevant to the public.

3. Live stream

"Watching content creators can actually invite users to add items to the shopping cart in TikTok Shopping which can lead to olshops in TikTok Shopping," he added.

4. Define content

Content is also very important to determine. There are three categories that TikTok really likes:

- Brings happiness

- Brings a sense of connection between one individual and another

- Provide encouragement and education in the midst of difficult situations facing the pandemic.

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