Rows of Gold Plated Sultan Gadgets


Caviar launches the Prime collection containing the AirPods Max, iPhone 13 Pro, iPad Mini and PlayStation 5 in pure gold. Only the sultans can buy!

Who would have thought that the cheapest gadgets from this collection would be the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Caviar wraps this phone with 18 carat pure gold and baroque style engraving.

This iPhone 13 Pro Prime Total Gold is even more exclusive because there are only 99 units produced and each unit will have an engraving showing its model number.

The price of the iPhone 13 Pro wrapped in pure gold starts from USD 42,380 to USD 43,460 depending on the capacity of the internal memory. While the pure gold version of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is priced from USD 47,000 to USD 48,080

After that there are AirPods Max Prime Gold which is again plated with 18 carat pure gold in the housing. The headband is also decorated with genuine black crocodile skin.

This gold finish is engraved in a baroque style which makes the AirPods Max look even more luxurious. All the buttons are also plated with gold.

Caviar has produced only nine of these gold-plated AirPods Max. The price is actually more expensive than the iPhone 13 Pro wrapped in gold, which is USD 68,000.

Next up is the iPad mini 6 Prime Gold, plated with 18 carat pure gold.

The iPad mini 6 is a bit more luxurious than the gold-plated iPhone 13 Pro offered by Caviar because there are four 4mm diameter diamonds that adorn the back.

The iPad mini 6 Prime Gold retails for USD 84,920. Caviar only produces six units of this gold-plated iPad mini.

Finally, the most expensive gadget in this collection is the PlayStation 5 Prime Gold. Buying a PS5 at this time is still difficult and expensive, but buying a PS5 modified by Caviar will drain the pocket even more.

The PS5 is clad in 18 ct pure gold on both sides of the case and the stand is made of ebony with the Caviar logo. The two analog buttons on the DualShock controller also have a gold finish with the Caviar logo.

This gold plated PS5 is really meant for the sultans. It cost USD 352,770 and only five units were produced.

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