There will be Crypto Coins Made in Indonesia for Cooperatives

The world of Indonesian crypto currency will be enlivened by a new token made by Indonesians. This was revealed by the CEO of Indonesia Digital Cooperatives (IDM Co-op) M Chairul Basyar, who will release a new cryptocurrency on 28 October.

Basyar explained that currently cryptocurrencies are increasingly becoming the prima donna, one of which is because the bitcoin exchange rate has penetrated Rp. 734 million per coin. Not only that, crypto exchange activities on DeFi (Decentralize Finance) and exchanges are getting busier and showing an increase.

"Currently, in looking for trading profits, cryptocurrencies can also be used as a solution for project financing for a company or institution and even a community. By launching utility tokens, investors buy tokens to finance token creator projects which can later create profits for investors through increasing the price of the tokens invested this," Basyar said in his press statement, Friday (10/8/2021).

Basyar also explained that the projects currently being carried out are to assist the government in creating a digital ecosystem of cooperatives in Indonesia, to educate the digital financial system evenly, and to create super applications.

"The super application is expected to be the pride of the Indonesian people who in one hand can all connect via messenger, greet via social media, be productive with the marketplace, and be easy with the fintech. So in one application everything is available, and this is our cooperative. dedicate to Indonesia," he added.

Basyar said this crypto token could be used as a commodity not as a means of payment, and hoped that in the future the IDM cooperative would be able to help fellow cooperatives in Indonesia from the center to the villages.

"IDM tokens with a supply of 1 billion can be purchased through the DeFi (decentrized financial) Binance network, namely Pancake Swap. And the process can be through an exchange that has been legally registered with CoFTRA," said Basyar.

"We together with the Ministry of Trade and the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs want to make something big related to digitization. Even in the middle of this month, IDM and the Vice Minister of Trade Jerry Sambuaga will jointly hold an AMA (Ask Me Anything) event which will answer all questions about the ICO," he concluded.

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