Ad Astra, Elon Musk's Strange and Mysterious School


Maybe few know that in 2014, Elon Musk founded a mysterious school called Ad Astra. That's where his children went to school and so did a few other kids.

Ad Astra is a Latin word which means towards the stars. This school can be said to be very secret, its location is mysterious. Elon Musk himself has 7 children, the last is baby X AE A-XII Musk who was born in May 2020. Elon once said he hated school.

"I hated going to school when I was a kid, it was torture," she says, possibly also related to the bullying she experienced from her peers.

So he founded Ad Astra with his own teaching method. "I founded a small school," said Elon Musk. The school does not separate students based on age and focuses on teaching children to solve problems and develop their individual talents.

"This school has 14 students, but it will increase to 20 in September," he added. According to the BBC, Monday (11/15/2021) Ad Astra students in 2018 had reached 40 students.

The students were aged between 7 and 14 years and were not separated but were asked to work together as a team. The subject matter is quite serious, from coding, artificial intelligence, science and the like.

"The philosophy of the school is experimentation, not curriculum. Elon Musk decided he wanted to educate his son and a small group of other children. He developed his own idea, this is not a traditional school," said Christina Simon of the BBC.

"It is said that Ad Astra used to be for the children of SpaceX employees, but it is not clear who was offered and how much. So it is not known exactly who the students are," added Simon.

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