Don't Use This Password Again, Just Don't!


Passwords used on the internet must be strong and unique, so they are not easily penetrated by cyber criminals. However, it turns out that until now there are still many users using classic passwords that are easy to break. The hope is that such passwords will no longer be used.

A new report from Nordpass reveals the 200 most common passwords used by netizens in 2021 in 50 countries studied. For the second time in a row, the password 123456 is still the most popular. In fact, hackers only need less than a second to break it.

In fact, as quoted by Tech Radar, 123456 is the most widely used password in 43 countries out of a total of 50 countries. Followed later in the second and third positions are their derivatives, namely 123456789 and 12345.

The fourth and fifth positions are also weak passwords, namely qwerty and password. This is a concern for NordPass CEO, Jonas Karklys.

"Unfortunately, passwords are getting weaker and people are still not taking care to make good passwords," he said.

"It's important to understand that passwords are a bridge to our digital lives and as we spend more and more time online, it's also important to pay more attention to them for cyber security," he advises.

Jake Moore as a cyber security expert from Eset stated that the many uses of simple passwords indicate that there are still many netizens who do not understand the risks posed.

"By not using a unique password, your account is weak and can be very easy to break. Software for hacking is very easy to access on the internet and there are even free ones to crack such passwords in just seconds," he said.

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