These two films were made with animation technology by the nation's children


 Jumbo and Kancil, two animated films released this week by Visinema were made using animation technology by the nation's children.

Visinema itself has a special line to produce quality animated films, namely Visinema Animation and Afterlab studio. The two animation lines are directly under Visinema Kids and Family.

"My main focus is consistently providing the best content and works for Indonesian children and families as well as Indonesian film lovers. One of them is by developing animated films which are a very interesting medium for us to watch again, collaborating with Indonesian animators who are incredibly talented as well. by improving the quality of leading animation technology to excel in every technical and creative aspect," said Anggia Kharisma, President of Visinema Kids and Family.

"I hope that the strength of the stories and characters in our works can provide entertainment and also have relevance so that they will make an impression on the hearts of potential viewers later," he added in a statement received by us.

The Kancil film carries the science fiction and adventure genres, and is set in the world of outer space and is colored with a superhero theme that uses local inspiration.

In his first look, Kancil flew the audience into outer space. We are invited to watch a sea of ​​meteors, troops in iron uniforms, and cut scenes of the Kancil fight using a yellow futuristic suit against a robotic monster with a terrible roar.

Based on the award-winning webcomic titled Si Kancil, Afterlab studio's efforts in presenting the Kancil film are believed to be able to give a new nuance to the Indonesian animation industry.

Tells about the Kancil film project, Moch. Reza Permana as the director of the film said that their collaboration with Visinema was a valuable opportunity to develop the animation industry in Indonesia. When the plan is successfully realized, everyone, both Visinema and the Afterlab studio, is expected to be at the forefront of the carriage.

"When I received the offer from Visinema, I saw it as a valuable opportunity to develop the animation industry in Indonesia. So, it didn't take long for me and the team to accept the offer. I hope that after our collaboration has succeeded in advancing the animation industry in Indonesia, we will be on the train at the forefront," concluded Reza in the statement.