Viral on TikTok, Men kick out their dating friends because of clothes


Nikki Jabs is a woman who has gone viral on TikTok after she shared her disappointing dating experience because the man sent her home just because she didn't like her clothes.

In her upload she said she had spent up to 40 minutes getting dressed because she was going to a dinner with a man she had met a few weeks earlier.

At the event, Nikki decided to wear a black long-sleeved crop top and pink trousers.

"I spent 40 minutes putting on makeup to meet friends and coworkers at the opening of the retail company she worked for." Nikki said in a video on her TikTok.

But the man openly said he didn't like his clothes, even ordering an Uber to take him home.

Arriving at home, Nikki also talked about the uncomfortable situation while trying not to cry.

In the video, he angrily says the man's actions were outrageous because he was embarrassed to be with Nikki so he ordered an Uber to send him home.

"I was so sad because I spent so much time looking pretty and he sent me home in an Uber." the story.

"Who did that? He sent me home with a stranger on a Friday night."

"He wasn't comfortable with me around his coworkers, but felt comfortable sending me home with strangers in Uber."

The video has now more than 5.4 million views with thousands of comments.

When the man calls her an Uber for him to return home, Nikki expresses great irritation but then decides it would be best for her to break up with the man because she doesn't feel valued by him.

He said he had moved in with her three weeks before the incident because he wanted to get to know her better but when he sent her home he decided to pack his things and leave.

Several TikTok users' comments encouraged Nikki that she made the best choice because the man's behavior was inappropriate.

Apparently on Tiktok this is not the first time he shared how his date commented on his appearance. Previously, she was asked not to wear makeup or heels, which is what she really likes.

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