5 Kicks for Digital Dreams 2022 that will be more interesting


Behind the COVID-19 pandemic that is still happening today, there are several opportunities that are open for business people.

We should be able to create a new opportunity that gives us luck in creating new value, even though in a stressful situation of living being wary of COVID-19, this new opportunity must be taken by the best sons and daughters of Indonesia.

There are several interesting things that I feel, when reading a 2022 Business Plan, namely:

1. Customer Data

In the current strategy to build an ecosystem, wherever and wherever, at the initial point of wanting to start, from the experience of 3 decades of service, the first thing that comes to mind is how much customer data is, as stated in my book Synergy Way of Disruption.

The battle for customer data is inevitable in 2022. Starting from global players who are increasingly dominant, to local players' awareness of the importance of customer data, to small outlets, they are trying hard to increase their customer data.

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Customer data is protected by law, big data or whatever it's called, in the future customer relations innovation will be more attractive. So 2022 is the year of customer data.

2. Free Cash Flow

Free cash flow, commonly known as free cash flow, which can be interpreted as cash flow available to be distributed to shareholders or owners after the company invests in fixed assets (fixed assets) and working capital (working capital) needed for its business continuity. .

In the current COVID-19 era, the power of free cash flow is very important, there have been many shifts in the industrial ecosystem landscape. The main human needs have changed a lot, the point is that a late recovery plan in every company will cause destruction, so 2022 is the year of mergers and acquisitions, we will hear more and more often.

3. Profitability

Don't try to start innovation or whatever it's called, including in an existing business, starting with a way to burn money, a business roadmap prioritizing profitability is very important in modern innovation. Do you want the creation of loyal customers, or vice versa. Loyal customers are now due to belief from the brand or brand experience that was built, while disloyal customers are precisely because of the image formed from the money-burning strategy. 2022 the battle is about trust, those who are trusted will definitely bring profit, so trust becomes an expensive item because it will be straight with profit.

4. Capabilities

Is a company's direct ability to provide a service to its customers. Customer handling is the easiest way that can be felt directly or indirectly by the customer.

Bureaucracy and convoluted is one of the characteristics of companies that do not have enough capabilities. Then what can we deliver? At a minimum, having a customer and national quality system that is far more competitive than any of their competitors, is one of the criteria that must be met in explaining to customers, so 2022 is not enough just to have a lot of campaigns and talk a lot, one of the priorities is to strengthen the real capabilities of companies that significant impact on their customers.

5. Experience

In the digital world, it is not new about experience, it has been discussed a lot, has been discussed and discussed in international and national forums, and even competed at the world level. The knowledge is very interesting, but it needs to be proven whether we have actually become the first choice of the community, not because there is no other choice, the parameters of customer behavior will be more diverse. In the end, 2022 is the year of proof of active users transactions, the main move is to provide a lot of convenience and comfort, but still secure and comply.

Welcome to 2022!

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