Gamers Banned from Playing for 8,000 Years for Displaying Kim Jong-Un's Photos


A gamer who played Forza Horizon 5, had to experience an unpleasant incident. He was banned from playing for up to 8,000 years. Why did it happen?

This was because, he had designed a car, which was meant to be a joke, but Turn 10 Studios didn't think so. He made a skin for the vehicle in the game, by combining KFC and Kim Jong-Un.

The livery with a red background displays the KFC logo, then juxtaposed with the North Korean leader. Where should the position be filled by a character named Harland David Sanders or commonly known as Colonel Sanders, the founder of a fast food restaurant based in Louisville, Kentucky.

In addition, the design also embeds the hashtag #SendNuke, the NB logo but does not stand for New Balance, but Nuke Balance. Also includes an image of Nike parodied into a Nuke.

This news began to spread on the Reddit forum by an account called AllThingsRacing, which revealed that this ban was first experienced by a friend. From the information provided, the gamer can only play it again on December 12, 9999.

The actions taken by Turn 10 Studios received reactions from several other players. One of them, as conveyed by the Twitter account Dinidu de Alwis.

"Forza Horizon 5 players banned for 8000 years. A crime? Creating a parody of KFC livery with the Supreme Leader. Meanwhile, many fraudsters and glitch exploiters continue to collect XP and money without any corrective action," wrote Alwis.

Then after the ban, Forza players have vowed to keep the controversial creation on their cars forever. Also complaining about game developers being too sensitive.

Forza Horizon 5 itself is an adventure racing game, which takes place in Mexico. This game can be enjoyed by gamers around the world, via Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One and PC via Steam or Microsoft.

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