Mysterious Death Case at Tesla Factory

 There has been a suspicious death at the Tesla electric car company's factory located in Freemont, California. Local police and firefighters are currently investigating the case.

As quoted by us from CNBC, Tuesday (12/14/2021) Tesla has not yet commented on this incident. It is also unclear whether any Tesla employees were involved.

"On December 13, 2021, firefighters responded to Tesla regarding reports of a subject dying in a parking lot," the Freemont police report said.

"The fire department provided medical assistance and announced that the victim had died. A homicide investigator from the police force has been on the scene and has taken over the investigation," they added.

It was not immediately clear if the victim was injured and how he was doing. It doesn't say what gender it is. Currently, the investigation is still ongoing.

Tesla's production center in Freemont is currently the only operating Tesla plant in the United States. More than 10 thousand employees work there.

At this time, Tesla has 4 large factories commonly referred to as the Gigafactory. Locations in California, Nevada, New York, and Shanghai. Meanwhile factories in Berlin and Austin are still under construction.

Recently, Elon Musk also wanted to build a Tesla electric car factory on Mars. He admits the idea of ​​building a factory there is difficult in the short term. But in his lifetime, that fantasy could become reality.

"So we're a few years away from Tesla's first factory off the planet. I mean, I want to see it before I die. That's a cool thing," he said.

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