Don't let the richest people rule the solar system


Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and the world's second-richest person, has recently taken the space business seriously. This is considered worrying and should not be allowed to rule Bezos Solar System.

Bezos has flown himself into Earth orbit using the Blue Origin spacecraft and also brought other tourists as a forerunner to space tourism. But his ambition is much bigger than that, which is to build a colony up there.

Bezos did not cover his desire to build a structure as a human habitat that can accommodate millions of people in outer space. Recently, he presented a vision that travel from Earth to space would be easy, akin to a picnic on Earth.

One day, there will be a cylindrical habitat in space that will accommodate millions of people, complete with wilderness, forests and rivers.

"In a few centuries, many people will be born in outer space, which will be their first abode," Bezos said.

Jeff Bezos is also indicated to be looking for natural resources in space that are useful for Earth. This is considered worrying because mankind as a whole is also entitled to the Solar System, not belonging to some people or companies. If this happens, it could lead to space colonialism.

"The Solar System cannot be claimed by one person or one country or one company. Therefore, Jeff Bezos should ask all of us for permission to build industries beyond Earth," wrote Alan Marshall, lecturer at Mahidol University's School of Science. Live Science.

Moreover, Bezos' track record as an entrepreneur on Earth is not considered good. He has often been accused of tax evasion by underpaying Amazon workers.

"Jeff Bezos seems to be able to fund his space business because he pays so few taxes and doesn't care about his employees. If he were space colonization, it might as well be accomplished in the same way, exploiting workers and not paying the proper amount of tax," Alan added.

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