Get to know whatsapp Aero, features and risk of the danger


WhatsApp Aero is currently friendly discussed netizens both features and how to download it, then what is whatsapp aero what's the difference with the WhatsApp version used now? Is there a bad impact? Here's the explanation.

Whatsapp Aero itself was released in 2019 and was developed by Hazar Bozkurt from Turkey. When viewed from its function, Whasapp Aero has been modified with additional premium features that are not owned by ordinary Whatsapp.

WhatsApp Aero is a modified version of the WhatsApp application owned by meta or often called WhatsApp mod. This application is similar to whatsapp mod other, namely WhatsApp Gb (WA GB) or WhatsApp Plus.

The features in WhatsApp Aero means it has been updated and has a difference from the original WhatsApp. Even so, the system basically continues to adopt the original version.

The device that uses WhatsApp Aero must also be directed first this means whatsapp Aero is not an official application that is under the auspices of the meta. But this rooting process is classified as risky and harm.


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Currently to download WhatsApp Aero can only be done on devices running the Android operating system. But the application will not be found in the Play Store application store and the official WHATSAPP website, such as official applications.

Download WhatsApp Aero can only be done through third parties, namely on the WhatsApp Aero website by downloading the APK file. After downloading, WhatsApp Aero also cannot be automatically installed to an Android phone because it will be detected as an application that comes from an unknown source.

Usually, users need to set licenses on the Android phone first so they can install the application from an unknown source. After WhatsApp Aero is installed, the application will appear on the mobile screen page with an original WhatsApp icon.

Whatever Features of Whasapp Aero

The following are its features summarized from the Whataero page:

1. Privacy

With this feature users can hide the blue check (check the read message), check the two (check messages sent), online status, until the story display.

2. Send an automatic message

Sending automatic messages can be done by making scheduled message features so that it is free to send whenever.

3. Anti Delete Message

On WhatsApp Aero Pemonah can install anti delete messages so that the message is not easily removed.

4. Customization

On WhatsApp Aero users can choose various themes according to their respective tastes.

5. Security

Users can hide chat and lock them with passwords and fingerprints.

6. Aero widget

This feature is the Aero Privileges that can be set by the user to determine whether the user is online or offline.

7. Emoji.

Collection of Emoji WhatsApp Default, Emoji Facebook, Emoji One, Emoji Android O, and IOS Emoji also provided everything in Aero Wa.

8. Language

In addition, this WHATSApp mod messaging supports many foreign languages ​​that can be customized.

9. Hide media

There is also a feature of hiding video, photos, and GIF files from the device gallery and see it only through Aero WhatsApp access.

Hazard Risk WhatsApp Aero

Although it has a more complete feature of the original WhatsApp application, but user data safety is important.

WhatsApp Aero has an end-to-end encryption security system. Even so, this application does not get official permission from WhatsApp Original so it is quite risky if the user account is banned.

In addition there are other hazards in using this application, which is about exposed to malware that has the potential to hack and theft user personal data.

Thus an explanation of WhatsApp Aero and danger. Please pay close attention!

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