Ghozali is an NFT Selfie Master in the Eyes of Friends and Lecturers, Turns Out...


The success of Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali (22) selling NFT selfie photos on OpenSea and earning billions of rupiah, did not surprise his friends and lecturers. Ghozali is known to be creative and unique.

One of his classmates at the Computer Science Faculty of Animation Study Program, Udinus Semarang, is Muhamad Amir Koirudin. He said that Ghozali had told his friends about his selfies.

"One of the people who has a unique idea in class. Yes, taking photos every day is one of them. At the beginning of college, he said he wanted to have a Youtube channel, but was confused about what to fill in. He said he took photos every day, but it was still a month, so The short term continues to be extended for 5 years," said Amir at his campus, Thursday (14/1/2022).

Uniquely, Ghozali turned out to be a person who did not like to be photographed. Amir even forced Ghozali to take a group photo and it only worked twice.

"He said he just didn't want to take a photo. Now he has 900 photos," said Amir laughing.

When Ghozali went viral, his friends still had time to tease him because uploading to OpenSea was originally just a fad.

"At first it was ridiculed, it became meme-able. Then I used to often play the game Valorant, when I wanted to upload it to OpenSea, I said this photo was going to upload NFT. In fact, they sold 300 and became trending," he explained.

Meanwhile, the Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science (FIK) Udinus, Guruh Fajar Shidik also said that Ghozali was a creative student. He has also received a scholarship at Udinus since semester 3.

"Mas Sultan is also a creative student, yes, he has received a scholarship since semester 3," said Fajar.

"He has the spirit of a fighter, has participated in international competitions several times, won twice," added the Head of Udinus Animation Study Program, Khafiizh Hastuti.

There are already 932 photos made by the owner of the OpenSea Ghozali Everyday account. He plans to keep taking selfies until he graduates from college.

"This year I want to continue, I'm in the 7th semester, I hope I graduate this year, it's going to be cool, right, because at the beginning of the photo, I graduate from Vocational High School and I will eventually graduate from college wearing a graduation gown. Let there be a beginning and an ending," said Ghozali.

For information, Ghozali Everyday has shocked the social media of the country. With just a selfie, he made billions of rupiah through NFT. From our observation, the cheapest Ghozali Everyday NFT collection is sold for 0.28 ETH or around Rp. 13.5 million. With a total of 932 collections, Ghozali's NFT business is worth nearly Rp 12.6 billion.

"That's the value of the total who bought it, some say it's up to Rp. 12 billion. But for example, if someone buys Rp. 20 million, I get 10% and so on. The total income is around Rp. 1.5 billion," said Ghozali.

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