NFT is Predicted to Be More Proliferated in 2022

Digital assets such as non-fungible tokens (NFT) began to develop in 2021. This trend is predicted to get even bigger in 2022.

Currently, there are several creative companies that are trying out NFT. But this trend still hasn't reached many people at large.

Many creative companies have started to try to sell there, but the public has not bought it yet.

Meanwhile, in terms of startups and digital businesses, the competition is predicted to become even tougher in 2022. Moreover, currently based on a survey conducted by Sharing Vision, the portion of big players is still very large.

Shopee is still the favorite marketplace in 2021, and is the choice of 78% of respondents. In second place is Grab.

Other players like Lazada didn't even break the double digits. This survey has 1,920 respondents.

The challenges in 2022 for digital business will be even more formidable. In the past, people just started a business, now there are big ones who think tomorrow we will still be around or not.

Some of the startup fields that have the potential to grow next year. One of the most important is a business that can make it easier for women or grassroots groups to trade without capital.

Currently there are already several players in this realm, such as Evermoss and Merchant. In addition, the types of digital business innovations that are predicted to be busy next year include those that offer easy transfers, money or business management, micro investment, and food delivery from different cities in one night.

The trend in 2022 is increasingly digital. How can we live from home, we can earn money from home, we can be happy from home, that may be the context for 2022.

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