The world's second richest people relaxed with his girlfriend

The world's second richest people, Jeff Bezos, as if they didn't want to get out of his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez. Everywhere they are always both.

Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez looked intimate in a new year party in the St Bars tourist area in the Caribbean. They are stylish like a discourse star.

At present, the founder of Amazon and Blue Origin is a vacation in St Bars with the lover. St Barts is an island in the Caribbean with a beautiful beach. Bezos and Sanchez have been there for a long time for the Christmas and New Year holidays with the whole family.

Lauren was faithfully waiting for her lover when some time ago Bezos shot into space using the Blue Origin rocket. After returning, Bezos lifted Lauren on the runway so happy.

Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos could not cover his excitement at the time because Bezos managed to reach his ambition to the space and see the earth.

Both of them often appear together at official events and always look intimate.

Lauren looked accompanying when Bezos talked with the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

Meet French Prime Minister, Emanuel Macron.

Friendly service with Prince Charles.

They talk about the effects of climate change.

Joking laughter with Prince William.

Jeff Bezos The Amazon owner is the world's richest person today, estimated his property is more than USD 200 billion. He was divorced with his wife, Mackenzie, in 2019 after marriage for 26 years.

When meeting the Rock, famous Hollywood star.

Sanchez and Bezos try the production of the production of the Rock company.

In 2018, Bezos was caught cheating on Sanchez. But as the divorce process was completed, they had moved on and continued their lives. Bezos has long openly established a relationship with Sanchez.

Sanchez with his son from the previous marriage.

Sanchez himself is a former television presenter.

No longer became an Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos clearly had a lot of time than before even though he was still the position of the Executive Chairman.

When visiting India.

Canoe travel with their favorite dog.

It seems they really are a harmonious couple.

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