Vivo V23 5G Coming Soon to the market Bring a Unique Look


Vivo confirmed the presence of its new hero who will compete in the mobile market in 2022. The device is Vivo V23 5G, to attract a unique appearance it will also be presented.

The new phone still focuses on the front camera and ultra slim design like the previous series. However, the Vivo V23 5G will bring color-changing technology which it claims will make users happy.

Vivo continues to push boundaries in bringing smartphones with the best technology to consumers. With the support of consumer-oriented research, we believe that the first color-changing technology innovation on the market in Vivo V23 5G is one of the most important areas to serve the needs of our consumers who want a smartphone with the best front camera and aesthetic design.

He further disclosed that the Vivo V23 5G is equipped with a smartphone surface made of material that can change color when exposed to ultraviolet light and sunlight. Through color-changing technology, users can create attractive designs when exposed to light to express and explore their creativity.

Although he has confirmed the presence of VivoV23 5G in the market, he has not disclosed when this 5G phone will be officially launched in the country, as well as the specifications it brings.

"We will announce as soon as possible the official release date and other specifications. We hope that the public can immediately monitor Vivo social media for other surprises that will be presented by Vivo V23 5G. We hope that through the presence of Vivo V23 5G we can bring new trends in smartphone development on the market.

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