Xiaomi wants to release more laptops on the market


Xiaomi first officially released laptops in the market in 2021, and for 2022 they are planning to release more laptops in the market.

The first laptop they officially released was the RedmiBook 15, which is very popular in the entry-mid level class.

There is an opportunity for new brands because the laptop market was dominated by a few brands for many years. Seen from the well-received RedmiBook 15 in the market.

 Xiaomi can release more new laptop models on the market for 2022. He also hopes that Xiaomi will not only release entry-level or middle-class laptops, but also high-end laptops.

In 2022, we hope that Xiaomi can also bring other laptop models, including the flagship series.

Overall, for 2022, Xiaomi also has a new strategy, including bringing high-end products to the market after 2021 with the best products from smartphones and AIoT such as Mi 11, Mi 11 Ultra, RedmiBook 15, and Xiaomi Pad 5.

Likewise, plans to deliver new retail experiences involve AIoT products as an education to consumers about the benefits of a smart lifestyle.

There are four main strategies for Xiaomi in 2022 as a smart choice for Xiaomi Fans, namely strengthening the high-end product portfolio, delivering the AIoT retail experience, ensuring the separation of the Xiaomi and POCO brands, and strengthening the regional market.

Apart from Xiaomi, Poco also - which has now become an independent brand - seems to be releasing a product line other than mobile phones. POCO will listen to requests from Poco fans.

At Poco, we will always listen to the demands of Poco fans, but Poco emphasizes that everything is impossible, so just wait for our breakthrough.

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