Stubborn BlackBerry Keeps the Physical Keyboard


In its time, BlackBerry was loved one of them because of the physical keyboard that was comfortable to use. But later on, it was precisely the keyboard that was judged to be the cause of its collapse.

"Even the BlackBerry Key2, which is based on Android and has a touch screen, still has a physical keyboard. That's also one of the main reasons they didn't care about the Apple iPhone," wrote MacWorld, quoted by us.

Mike Lazaridis, one of the CEOs of RIM at the time, considered the iPhone's touch keyboard difficult to use. But over time, people are used to using digital keyboards, not physical anymore.

Moreover, a row of Android phones also comes with a touch screen keyboard. This makes BlackBerry increasingly abandoned.

"There's a reason BlackBerry was popular. They were good at email and messaging, long before the iPhone. But then they were trapped in a physical keyboard when iPhone and Android no longer used it," said MacWorld.

Indeed, there are still many who prefer to use a physical Blackberry-style keyboard, but far more have chosen to leave it. Touch screen phones offer a more spacious and comfortable display.

If only BlackBerry adapted quickly, they might still survive today. The fall of BlackBerry is also considered to be a very important lesson for other smartphone manufacturers to stay alert and keep up with the times.

Moreover, not only BlackBerry, more or less the same thing happened to Nokia. Nokia insisted on using Windows Phone at a time when the world switched to Android and that was also the big reason they finally fell.

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