Here's Poco's Plan for 2022


Poco has prepared a number of aggressive strategies to hit the mobile market in the market in 2022. What are the strategies?

Just like 2021, Poco will still target a different user class compared to Xiaomi, namely Gen Z and Millennials who have characters who dare to be different. And Poco also promises to release more products throughout 2022 for this class.

As is known, Poco has several mobile phone series, such as the M series which is the entry level class, the X series which is the extreme performance class, and the F series as Poco's flagship.

The F series is clearly a flagship series, and through this series Poco is also known as a brand that has a flagship killer product.

Even though it has become an independent brand, apart from Xiaomi, Poco still shares several things with Xiaomi, such as after-sales service infrastructure, manufacturing, and quality control.

For 2022, Poco also admits that it will expand its reach and introduce the Poco brand to a wider audience. The way to do this is by cooperating with partners and subcultural communities who are their target audience.

With support from Poco Community, strategic partners, subculture community, media, tech-enthusiasts, Poco Icon, and other related parties, we are optimistic that Poco's target market will continue to grow, and we can't wait to introduce our various extreme innovations. Look forward to lots of new and breaking things to come.

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