5 Ways to Choose the Best Pet Shop for Pet Care During Eid Holidays, Beware Wrong!


Ahead of the Eid holiday, surely many of us who travel want to leave our pets in a pet shop. However, of the many available pet shops, finding the best one is not easy.

We should look for a pet shop that provides guarantees that the animals that are deposited will be maintained and remain healthy. However, how do you choose the right pet shop?

Here's how to choose a safe pet shop during Eid, as a need to entrust them during the Lebaran holiday. Come on!

1. Make sure the pet shop has a vet

Launching the Dawgie Bowl, before choosing the right pet shop, make sure they have a vet. This is because you can consult a doctor at the pet shop before leaving your animals, if they have health problems.

In addition to consulting health problems, you can also consult about food needs or other equipment that is suitable for your pet

2. Choose a Pet Shop That Separates Sick and Healthy Animals

The next way to choose a safe pet shop is to make sure that the pet shop separates sick or healthy animals, because some animal diseases can be contagious. Before starting to leave your pets during Eid, you should ask the pet shop staff regarding this separation.

Pet shops that mix sick or healthy animals in one place have a higher risk of transmitting the disease to your healthy pets. We certainly don't want the pets we leave to contract diseases, right?

3. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the pet shop facilities

The next thing to consider when choosing the right pet shop before Eid is to pay attention to the cleanliness of the pet shop facilities. For example, how often is the daycare cleaned, and do the facilities separate dogs and cats?

Don't hesitate to ask the pet shop staff about cleanliness if you have any questions.

4. Pay attention to the quality of the goods sold

Before choosing a safe pet shop, make sure you also pay attention to the quality of the goods being sold. The quality of goods sold by a pet shop is one of the most important factors in choosing a safe pet shop.

This quality of goods sold also determines whether the pet shop can be trusted or not.

5. Choose a Pet Shop that Friends and Relatives Trusted

The way to choose a safe pet shop during Eid is to ask your close friends or relatives who are animal lovers. They definitely understand the information about the best pet shops, and will recommend it to you.

A pet shop that is trusted by others, especially those close to us, is certainly safer for us to leave our pets there.

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