EcoFlow Wave Is A Portable Air Conditioner Suitable For Hardcore Campers

 If you are a nomad or like to do leisure activities outside, sometimes you will still want a breath of cool air during hot weather. EcoFlow, a brand of high-capacity battery and power supply maker recently unveiled their latest product, EcoFlow Wave, which is a portable air conditioner.

The EcoFlow Wave design looks not very different from their power supply offering, but is said to have a cooling power as high as 4000 BTU that can cool an area of ​​86 square feet from 28 degrees Celsius to 24 degrees Celsius in just eight minutes.

EcoFlow Wave comes with a battery offering of various sizes, which with its largest battery offering, it is seen to be usable for 12 hours continuously. Apart from the supplied battery pack, this air conditioner can also be powered using wall sockets, solar panels, other portable power supplies, car electrical plugs and so on.

EcoFlow has opened pre-orders for this Wave portable air conditioner, offering a cheaper sale price at the $ 1199 price tag for the base model and $ 2499 for the model that comes with a Delta Max power supply.

They say that these air conditioners will be officially offered to the market in July.

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