Oppo Is Reported To Come With A New Tablet - Known As The Oppo Pad Air


Oppo has expanded its involvement in the tablet segment through the introduction of the Oppo Pad. So far, it is only sold in China with a starting price of RMB2299 which is about RM1,486 per unit. The tablet is also equipped with an 11-inch IPS LCD QHD+ 120Hz screen with a matching Snapdragon 870 chip and Oppo Pencil.

In the latest development, Oppo is reportedly going to update its line of tablets with new models. Known as the Oppo Pad Air, there are sources that say it has been found listed through an online store in China. It only shows part of the design on the tablet, but no information on key specifications was revealed.

As can be seen, the Oppo Pad Air will have a curved side construction that is expected to be able to promise comfort when in hand. Next, the size of the bezel used also looks balanced. It can be considered indeed a good match for a fairly satisfying viewing experience.

However, so far no specific launch date has been revealed. At the same time, the selling price is still a question mark. Initial speculation expects it may be marketed slightly higher than its predecessor at a price of around RMB3000 (~ RM1,939).

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