LiveWire S2 Del Mar Is Harley Davidson's Second More Affordable Electric Motorcycle

 Harley Davidson's inaugural attempt to produce electric motorcycles through the LiveWire brand was lacking because the selling price was too high and did not appeal to regular Harley consumers. Now LiveWire is launching their second more affordable S2 Del Mar model after learning some past mistakes.

This motorcycle is equipped with an 80 horsepower motor that offers acceleration from 0-100 km/h in 3.5 seconds. LiveWire does not share the maximum speed that the S2 Del Mar can achieve. With a single charge, the battery can offer travel up to 160 km. In terms of performance, the S2 Del Mar has lower specs than the LiveWire One.

But this doesn’t matter as it only weighs 200 kilograms which is 25% lighter than the One. This is done using modular building materials and aluminum. All LiveWire S2 Del Mar limited edition of 100 units were sold in just 18 minutes. The actual production model sold at a starting price of $ 15,000 (~ RM61,500) will go on sale starting next year.

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