Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Leaked 3D CAD Image - S22 Ultra Camera Design Used


The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 is I can say among the devices with the best foldable screen ever produced. It has many features and functions of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note flagship devices, but the screen can be folded.

Since Z Fold and Z Fold2, there are no drastic changes on Z Fold3 except on the screen design in da little on the other side. For the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, as previously reported - it will come with a slightly different design. A recently leaked CAD image revealed that the overall design will look more or less the same, including on the screen size.

The outer screen remains at 6.2-inches and the inside at 7.6-inches. But the design is a bit short, giving the size of the device in the open state feels a little wider than tall. The inner screen may remain with the bottom -screen camera, while the main camera is now with the Galaxy S22 Ultra camera design.

The Galaxy Z Fold4 will also not have S-Pen storage space, though the screen is ready to support it. Others will remain the same as the existing ones.

The processing chip is Snapdragon 8 Gen 1+, 4400mAh battery with 25W basic fast charging, 108MP + 12MP camera + telephoto sensor. The device is said to be launched next August, along with the Z Flip4 and Galaxy Watch5, together we look forward to see what other surprises Samsung will provide.

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