Maxis Starts Testing 5G Support In Seremban

 5G support in Malaysia is growing. Starting with Yes, then Unifi Mobile, then Celcom, Digi and UMobile also offer this network support to their customers. But unfortunately, it is limited to Android devices only and is not yet accessible on iPhone.

For Maxis, they stated that they are still evaluating the need for a 5G access agreement and are committed to completing it as soon as possible. We also reported last month that Maxis will only provide 5G commercially in 2023.

Last weekend, while I was spending time with my family at home in Seremban – my Asus ROG Phone 6D device suddenly received 5G access. The telco I subscribe to is Maxis and the plan I use is Maxis Postpaid 128.

But since the area where I live Maxis network connection is not stable, I was not able to test the optimal 5G speed. I was starting to expect the Asus device to be the problem, but after closing/turning off the device and looking at the 5G settings – it's clear I'm on 5G with the Maxis.

This means, Maxis has started testing 5G in the Seremban area. In my sharing on Twitter, some other users also received Maxis 5G in the Shah Alam and Port Klang areas.

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