Maybank : Secure2U Verification Only Via MAE Application Starting July 2023 – No More Via M2U MY


Maybank today informed all users that starting July 1, 2023, only the MAE application can use the Secure2U feature to verify banking transactions. Maybank states that only the MAE application can be used to verify transactions made through Maybank2U, MY M2U application and also MAE.

With this move, Maybank will end Secure2U authentication support on the MY M2U application, and focus fully on the MAE application only.

Maybank stated that this step is to continue to improve banking security, as well as protect user accounts and money. It is also emphasized that users activate Secure2U through MAE as soon as possible, because activation for the first time will have an activation period of 12 hours.

Previously, during the introduction of the MAE application itself, it was stated that the M2U MY application will be discontinued at some point, and MAE will replace it completely.

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