MyFirst Enters The Malaysian Market With A Selection Of Child-Focused Products

 There is no doubt that today's technology not only affects adults, but also involves children. Although this exposure to children helps them to learn. However, parents also need to be careful in ensuring that they receive the full benefits.

Looking at this development, myFirst is now penetrating the Malaysian market with a variety of products that focus on children. One of them is myFirst Fone R1s which is a smart watch with the ability to make voice and video calls through a built-in 2MP camera.

It was launched to make it easier for parents to keep in touch with their children. Where this watch allows real-time communication involving two-way calls, either incoming or outgoing are made directly. Not only that, it can also be used to send a short text with emojis available to make it more interesting. An emergency message signal is also included for additional safety purposes.

Next, this watch can also be used as a fitness tracker with the ability to monitor heart rate in real time. At the same time, children can also collect attractive badges for their daily step count. Built-in GPS support also helps parents track their children easily, in addition to travel history can also be recorded at any set time.

Not to be left out, this watch also functions as an entertainment device that can play music audio, while also passing the IPX8 rating as additional protection. Smooth function support requires the myFirst Circle app to be downloaded first. It is available for free through the AppStore for iOS devices and the GooglePlay Store for Android devices.

In addition to the smartwatch, myFirst Headphones BC Wireless Lite was also announced as a wireless audio accessory from the brand. It uses technology that emits audio through vibration when close to the cheekbones. This allows the wearer to continue listening to the audio being produced, yet remain sensitive to the surrounding sounds.

Not only that, myFirst Sketch Book was also introduced as a digital sketchbook that allows drawings to be saved digitally. At the same time there is also myFirst camera for children who are interested in photography.

For those who are interested, the myFirst Fone R1s watch is sold at RM899, myFirst Headphones BC Wireless Lite is priced at RM269, myFirst Sketch Book can be purchased at RM369 and the camera variant starts at RM299 each.

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