Canada First Country To Print Danger Warnings On Every Cigarette Stick



Cigarettes harm health with an estimated 27,200 deaths per year caused by it according to the Malaysian Thoracic Association. Because of this, the Generational End Game (GEG) movement that bans those born after 2005 from buying tobacco is seen as a good move. Kanda has no similar plans but it will be the first country to print a hazard warning on every cigarette sold.

Previously the warning was only printed on each cigarette box but from July 2024 it must be printed on each cigarette sold in a "King" size box. Starting at the end of April 2025, it will have to be printed on cigarettes sold in regular size boxes and cigars as well. The warning "tobacco smoke is harmful to children" is printed in English and "poison in every puff" in French.

Warnings are printed directly on cigarette sticks since labels on boxes with images of the effects of smoking are not very effective in preventing continued smoking. In Canada, over 40,000 deaths due to smoking are reported each year.